2020 Euro Masters Regatta: Frequently asked questions

The Euro Masters Regatta 2020 is a special one – in many ways: the first and probably only regatta of the year at the Olympic regatta course, due to Corona with completely new rules and at an unusual late late October. Naturally, the Masters community has many open questions, which we want to answer as good as possible. You will find Q&As on our social media handle and here on the website.

Current questions cover the following areas:

General timing

The German authorities announced on 17 June that the Corona-related ban on major events will be extended until 31 October. What does that mean for the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta?

The current ban for major events that was supposed to lift after 31 August included any event with over 1,000 participants. The new ban allows exceptions if the Corona-related hygiene rules can be complied to and possible infection chains can be traced. We will ensure our regatta concept will encompass this and and obtain official approval to run the regatta.

However, it is still possible that the event has to be cancelled due to a second wave or similar developments. But we remain as optimistic as before the new decision.

If it doesn’t work out in 2020, when is the next Euro Masters Regatta in Munich?

At the moment our plans are not yet finished, but we expect that Corona will soon be kept in  check and that the Euro Masters Regatta will take place normally and annually again.

Regatta execution

Will the regatta extend over three or four days? And which races happen on which day?

To cut a long story short: As of today, we can’t make a final decision re the overall regatta timing. We are facing three challenges with the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta happening later than usual this year and – obviously – Corona-related constraints:

  1. First, it’s difficult to estimate the number of participants.
  2. The days in October are much shorter than in July.
  3. We don’t know yet how much time is needed between races to comply with then effective Corona-related safety and hygiene standards

So the distribution of the races will be determined right after the registration deadline when the number of participants is set and we have more insights in required hygiene measures. Therefore, it is possible that the regatta will actually last four days if the number of participants is high. Otherwise it will probably be three days. Depending on the number of days, the distribution of the races will be worked on. However, the order of the races will not change.

We would love to race several times. But what happens if the regatta will be limited to three or two days and multiple starts won’t be possible all due the tight schedule? Will entry fees be refunded? Or will we get a credit note for next year’s regatta?

We assume there will be three or four regatta days, less we consider unlikely. If the regatta takes place over four days, all registered races must be paid for. If the regatta will only take place on three or even two days, you will have time after the registration deadline to cancel all races you won’t be able to race due to the tight schedule. These particular cancellations will be refunded on site or online if PayPal was chosen. But this only applies if the four race days are cut down to fewer days.

In the run-up to the event, there was talk of Trophy races and the abandonment of mixed races. In the new announcement, however, instead of Trophy races mixed races are listed. Has there been a final decision what kind of races will happen?

By popular demand, we have decided to list mixed races and will therefore not include Trophy races this year. At the moment, the races are not divided into days yet in order to remain flexible considering typical October days with less daylight.


Why is camping not an option this year?

Hygiene requirements do not allow camping this year. We also assume that the showers are not released for use. Besides, it is already quite cold at night in the middle of October. Therefore camping will not be an option. But caravans with their own showers are fine! We have also received questions about accommodation above the boathouses. These have not been available for some years and will not be offered again.