In Memoriam: Jutta Deuschl – 1973-2021

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints in our hearts and minds and we are never the same again. – Jared Leto 

Jutta Deuschl passed away on the morning of 19 January 2021 after a long illness at the age of 47. Regatta München e.V. and all members of the regatta team mourn the loss of their dedicated board member and a great sportswoman.

Rowing career

Jutta’s path as the daughter of the rowing enthusiast Schausten family led her directly into the rowing boat of the Mühlheimer Ruder-Gesellschaft in the 1980s. In the 1990s, she was successful at German championships, World Cups and World Championships. At the 1995 World Championships in Tampere, she won the bronze medal in the Lightweight Coxless Four. She also competed at the World Championships in 1996 and 1997, in 1997 in the Lightweight Pair with Cora Zillich.

Her friend Cora Zillich remembers the training time together with coach Stefan Piesik and Karin Stephan: “We didn’t eat much, but Kinder Chocolate, lots of fun, many countries, many successes but also many blisters and a lot of sweat and one or two disappointments were on board.” Their best race together, says Cora, “was perhaps the 1997 German Championships in Duisburg. As lightweights, we raced with the heavyweights and finished on the podium in the women’s double sculls. Every 250 m Jutta announced a spurt. I’m still sweating in my mind today. At the same time, it was one of my most intense and best races with Jutta.”

The two rowers have shared a lot: Laughter, crying, the focus on common goals as well as a deep friendship. “We stayed in touch – in and out of the boat.” Together, they continued to take part in international regattas such as the Head of the River in London after their time in the national team. The Lightweight Eights and the participations in Boston and Philadelphia were unforgettable for both, which gave rise to numerous rowing friendships around the globe.

But Jutta was not only successful on the water, but also on land. As Managing Director, she headed the Munich branch of the international PR agency LEWIS. She remained faithful to the sport of rowing on the water, first in the Münchner Rudergesellschaft 1972 and then in the Münchener Ruder-Club of 1880, and on land in an honorary capacity with the Olympia-Regattaverein München and until recently with Regatta München.

Board of Directors in the Regatta Association

Jutta’s board colleague Oliver Bettzieche remembers: “I met Jutta in 2007. Together we were involved in Jörg Reinhardt’s team at the World Rowing Championships in Oberschleissheim. At that time, we already formed what would later become the Board team for Regatta München. Subsequently, we could always be found together in the regatta office at the World Cups until 2012. Even then, we were united by the desire for a perfectly orchestrated implementation of the events.” Regatta München e.V. was newly established at the end of 2013/at the beginning of 2014. “At that time, I was looking for a ‘partner in crime’ to form the future Board of the regatta association,” explains Oliver. “Jutta was the only one who wanted to take this risk with a rookie like me in December 2013. After a short period of reflection, she agreed. It was to be seven great years together. We had an ambitious plan. After quite a few international and national regattas, including three Euro Masters Regattas alone, we were successfully bidding for two international World Rowing events in 2019. We were flying high in the regatta Olympus.”

Jutta Deuschl was the spokesperson, the linguistic soul of our regatta association and the guardian of our communication. But Jutta was much more than that. Jutta was our diplomatic, balancing component. Jutta has spent thousands of hours over the years working for regattas and the regatta centre in Munich, promoting our cause at home and abroad. She was internationally cherished in the Masters community as both a determined rower and a perfect and charming hostess of the Euro Masters Regatta. “While she spent months preparing the regatta with the team, she never neglected her rowing training. After all, she didn’t just want to organise a regatta, she also wanted to win races. Jutta was a real role model in that respect,” recalls Jörg Reinhardt, Vice-President of Regatta München.


“Her statement was intellectual, imbued with her personality,” Prof. Klaus Ulbrich, Honorary Chairman of the Bavarian Rowing Association and Honorary President in the OC of the European Rowing Junior Championships 2021, enthuses —and not without reason. “Through her commitment at the most diverse regattas, she has made a great contribution to youth work in our sport,” affirms Sebastian Haase from the board of the German Rowing Youth and member of the Munich regatta staff. “In her warm and open manner, Jutta contributed significantly to the fact that I immediately felt comfortable in the team and after the regatta I was eagerly looking forward to the next one,” recalls Luis Heiß of the regatta team. Magdalena Prantl, Jutta’s colleague in sponsoring, “would describe her as a realist who kept us in mind at the end of the day why we are doing this and what is most important. Her ‘hands-on’ mentality and pragmatism were perfectly complemented by her ease and openness.” Jutta was an integral part of the team. Lukas Abelt, Head of the Regatta Office: “Jutta was always friendly yet strong and always focused on her current goal.” She was omnipresent and was able to assert her ideas in a balancing but impressive way.

The fight against cancer

In the last four years, Jutta fought a tough battle against a powerful opponent at the same time — unnoticed by many and way beyond the sport. Often the cancer was ahead, but Jutta increased the stroke rate, caught up and won some races against the cancer. Jutta fought with the same determination as in competitive sports, the same strength and willpower, immense energy and admirable stamina. She never lost sight of the goal.

“Jutta fought courageously for her life. At the same time, she worked with all of us throughout 2020 to save our 2020 events, which were threatened by the Corona pandemic, and to prepare us for the 2021 European Rowing Junior Championships, simply admirable,” Oliver recalls. Everyone was keeping their fingers crossed for Jutta and hoping for the best. The forecast was good at times. But the races were increasingly unfair towards the end, with constant squalls and race extensions. Jutta was strong. Jutta was brave. Jutta had an incredible fighting spirit. As late as the beginning of December 2020, she gave an interview to Bavarian television at the regatta centre. Jutta was simply Jutta. And Jutta loved rowing.

“I let go, but I didn’t give up,” Jutta told her friend Cora shortly before her death.

Thank you, dear Jutta, for sharing so much with us. Thank you for leaving such a deep mark on so many hearts. We miss you.

“The legs were getting heavier and heavier, then a wind came and took her away!”

Our heartfelt condolences go to her husband Thomas, her entire family and all her friends.

2020 Euro Masters Regatta in July is cancelled – Alternative dates in October 2020 under consideration

Dear athletes, coaches and friends of Regatta München and the Euro Masters Regatta,

It is with great regret that we hereby cancel the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta at the original date of 17 to 19 July 2020. The decision follows the guidelines of the German Federal Government together with the Free State of Bavaria of 15 and 16 April to prohibit major events until the end of August 2020. We also follow the recommendation of the German Rowing Association of 9 April 2020.

However, as an optimistic outlook for our Masters community, we would like to offer an alternative date so that rowers do not have to tick off the 2020 season completely. Therefore we are planning the Euro Masters Regatta again for October 2020. Due to the autumnal season, the races will be spread over four days to take account of the colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours. Of course, we will implement the Corona safety regulations for events that will be valid until then, which the responsible authorities will certainly continue to pronounce and adapt. We would also like to point out as a precaution that this regatta could be cancelled due to Corona developments in the next few months. We will announce the new October dates within the next two weeks.

We are now looking forward to October 2020 to being able to offer the international Masters community a good and fair competition by then.

Regatta München e.V.

Daily Schedules, List of Entries and Daily Programmes EMR2018

Schedules, List of Entries and Daily Programmes

As of: July 28, 11.25pm


List of Entries

Daily Programmes

Please note: Crew changes, wirthdrawals and late entries are not yet included and will be reviewed and entered by the Jury. The updated daily programmes will be published after the relevant entry deadline for late entries during the evening before each race day.

Lightweight Races at the 2018 Euro Masters Regatta

Lightweight Races at the 2018 Euro Masters Regatta

After some discussions as well as many thoughts and due to popular demand, we are going to introduce lightweight races at the 2018 Euro Masters Regatta for the first time.

Please note that this is an evaluation for future regattas, and we will only offer lightweight races for 1x events and age categories A to F for women and A to G for men immediately following the relevant regular race in the race schedule. These are the specific races:

Men                 Women
205L MLM 1x A *     215L MLW 1x A *
306L MLM 1x B *     105L MLW 1x B *
211L MLM 1x C *     322L MLW 1x C *
327L MLM 1x D *     203L MLW 1x D *
220L MLM 1x E *     115L MLW 1x E *
333L MLM 1x F *     233L MLW 1x F *
111L MLM 1x G *

Sample: Race 203 MLW 1x D will take place on Friday and has 6 regular divisions. Race 203L MLW 1x Lightweight will immediately take place after the last of the 6 regular divisions and before race 204.

Rules for lightweight rowers

Please note the following rules which are applied to lightweight races following Rule 31 of the FISA Rules of Racing:

  1. A lightweight male single sculler may not weigh more than 72.5 kgs.
  2. A lightweight female single sculler may not weigh more than 59 kgs.
  3. The weighing scales should indicate the weight of the rower to 0.1 kg.
  4. Lightweight rowers shall be weighed wearing only their racing uniform on tested scales not less than one hour and not more than two hours before their first race of each lightweight event in which they are competing, each day of the competition.
  5. The Control Commission shall require presentation of each rower’s official identity card with photograph at the time of the first weighing of the rower and subsequently.
  6. A rower not meeting the required weight may be weighed again any number of times within the allowed time limit. However, if a rower fails to meet the required weight or does not present itself by the expiry of the time permitted for weighing, the rower is no longer eligible and shall be excluded from the event.

This means that you need to be weighed several times each day, if you decide to participate in multiple lightweight races in one day or on separate days.

This also means that you are not automatically entered for the regular non-lightweight race in case you do not meet the lightweight weight criteria and that you will be excluded from racing, if you were not weighed before the race.

Munich Masters Trophy

There will be no separate trophy races for lightweight rowers. Lightweight rowers, who row in the lightweight races, are considered for the relevant 1x event in their age category, if they belong to the six or seven fastest participants in that specific event and age category. Please note: There is no weigh-in for the Munich Masters Trophy races.

Entries in MAX

If you have entered your boat in MAX already in the regular race, you can either notify us and we will modify your entry in the system or you can cancel that entry and make a new entry for the relevant race marked with the “L”. All entries made before the early-bird deadline, either done for the regular or the lightweight races, will be considered for the early-bird discount, even if we change the race to lightweight afterwards, no worries.

Filippi is Euro Masters premium partner 2018 and offers extensive boat rental

Filippi is Euro Masters premium partner 2018 and offers extensive boat rental

Munich, May 4, 2018 – 

Regatta München e.V. partners with Filippi, the Italian racing boat manufacturer, for the Euro Masters Regatta 2018. Filippi will be premium partner at the international regatta at the Olympic regatta course in Munich from July 26-29. The event will attract more than 2,500 rowers between 27 and 80+ years from 25 countries. In particular, the sponsorship agreement will be beneficial to all participants travelling to Munich from far way: Filippi will not only offer repair services for his customers but also an extensive boat rental at the regatta, eliminating the need to bring own boats.

“Filippi is a trusted brand amongst masters rowers. We hope that the boat rental will facilitate competing in Munich for all rowers who cannot bring own boats,” says Oliver Bettzieche, president of Regatta München e.V. Traditionally, master rowers get together once a year to compete at World Masters. Every fourth year, the regatta takes place in a non-European country. This year it will be in Sarasota, Florida/USA. The Euro Masters Regatta in Munich is both a performance benchmark for European athletes competing in Sarasota in September as well as an alternative for those athletes who do not want to travel overseas.

“Our goal is to provide professional rowers with high quality boats while giving them the opportunity to have a great time together. We are proud to be part of the Euro Masters Regatta 2018 in Munich. This is the best place to meet Masters from all over Europe,” says Maria Guerrazzi, responsible for Filippi Boat hire at master regattas.

Entries for the Euro Masters Regatta are open until July 4, 2018. Rental requests for singles, doubles, pairs, fours, quads and eights should reach Filippi preferably until June 30. Rental fees are Euro 40.- per race and seat, additional rent will have to be paid for practice sessions.

For further information about the regatta and the boat rental, please visit

About Regatta München e.V.

Regatta München e.V. has been founded in 2013 to continue to host the traditional, successful international rowing regattas at the Olympic regatta course from 1972. The association builds on dedicated individuals, rowing and canoeing clubs, sport enthusiastic enterprises as members as well as on volunteers and kind partners to organise the events. Regatta München e.V. is a member of the Bavarian Rowing Association and the German Rowing Association.

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Jutta Deuschl

Hotel recommendations and Camping

Hotel recommendations

Our hotel booking agent, the Münchner Hotel Verbund, has created a specific website for the reservation of hotel rooms. They recommend suitable and affordable hotels in the vicinity.

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Due to the lack of reservations, the campground remains closed for the Junior Regatta 2018.