2020 Euro Masters Regatta: Frequently asked questions

The Euro Masters Regatta 2020 is a special one – in many ways: the first and probably only regatta of the year at the Olympic regatta course, due to Corona with completely new rules and at an unusual late late October. Naturally, the Masters community has many open questions, which we want to answer as good as possible. You will find Q&As on our social media handle and here on the website.

Current questions cover the following areas:

General timing

The German authorities announced on 17 June that the Corona-related ban on major events will be extended until 31 October. What does that mean for the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta?

The current ban for major events that was supposed to lift after 31 August included any event with over 1,000 participants. The new ban allows exceptions if the Corona-related hygiene rules can be complied to and possible infection chains can be traced. We will ensure our regatta concept will encompass this and and obtain official approval to run the regatta.

However, it is still possible that the event has to be cancelled due to a second wave or similar developments. But we remain as optimistic as before the new decision.

Why did you choose the same date for the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta as Sevilla International Rowing Masters Regatta?

We have carefully considered all possible options for the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta. As the Munich venue is busy with other events on all other dates in early to mid October, we didn’t have any choice beside the weekend in question. Picking an earlier date was not an option as federal and local authorities told us that September is too early to schedule such an event considering the impact of Corona. Likewise, any later dates in November would not work for a large event due to weather constraints including cool temperatures, rain or even snow and fog.
We simply had the choice to either use the time period of Oct 15 to 18 or not to have any regatta in Germany in 2020. Considering the effects oft he Corona pandemic, we believe that not too many people are willing to travel far across Europe. So it is good to have two different regattas for Masters in Europe.

If it doesn’t work out in 2020, when is the next Euro Masters Regatta in Munich?

At the moment our plans are not yet finished, but we expect that Corona will soon be kept in  check and that the Euro Masters Regatta will take place normally and annually again.

Regatta execution

Will the regatta extend over three or four days? And which races happen on which day?

To cut a long story short: As of today, we can’t make a final decision re the overall regatta timing. We are facing three challenges with the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta happening later than usual this year and – obviously – Corona-related constraints:

  1. First, it’s difficult to estimate the number of participants.
  2. The days in October are much shorter than in July.
  3. We don’t know yet how much time is needed between races to comply with then effective Corona-related safety and hygiene standards

So the distribution of the races will be determined right after the registration deadline when the number of participants is set and we have more insights in required hygiene measures. Therefore, it is possible that the regatta will actually last four days if the number of participants is high. Otherwise it will probably be three days. Depending on the number of days, the distribution of the races will be worked on. However, the order of the races will not change.

In the run-up to the event, there was talk of Trophy races and the abandonment of mixed races. In the new announcement, however, instead of Trophy races mixed races are listed. Has there been a final decision what kind of races will happen?

By popular demand, we have decided to list mixed races and will therefore not include Trophy races this year. At the moment, the races are not divided into days yet in order to remain flexible considering typical October days with less daylight.


Why is camping not an option this year?

Hygiene requirements do not allow camping this year. We also assume that the showers are not released for use. Besides, it is already quite cold at night in the middle of October. Therefore camping will not be an option. But caravans with their own showers are fine! We have also received questions about accommodation above the boathouses. These have not been available for some years and will not be offered again.

October 16-18, 2020: New date for 2020 Euro Masters Regatta fixed

After the wave of cancellations due to Corona, Regatta München e.V. sets an example and is working on having the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta take place nevertheless.

As you remember, the original date of the regatta was scheduled July 17 to 19, 2020. Since this period fell into the phase during which the German government officially prohibited any large event, we had to cancel the regatta with a heavy heart.

But here’s our good news for all Masters rowers: We found a new date for the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta. The Olympic Regatta Course will be home for the Masters community a good three months later than originally planned, from October 16 to 18, 2020. The clear prerequisite is that the official regulations around Corona allow such an event to take place at this time and that we can apply the then valid hygiene measures without endangering the health of participants, volunteers and partners.

New date, new schedule, new deadlines

The new
edition of the Euro Masters Regatta coincides with a period of shorter daylight
intervals and therefore requires the regatta program to be adjusted. We will
probably spread the MM/MW races over all three days and cancel mixed races. The
Munich Masters Single Trophy and the lightweight races will remain in the

The regatta committee of Regatta München will revise the original regatta information over the next two weeks. It will be available on June 1, 2020 at our website and the relevant portals. The intentionally short registration period runs from August 15 to September 2, 2020. At the registration deadline we will assess whether the regatta can be held, taking into account the current corona situation. All registrants will be informed the following day whether the regatta can take place as advertised, whether we can offer an alternative racing schedule for entry registration or whether we have to cancel the regatta. Regardless of this, it is also possible that we have to cancel the regatta due to official regulations at any time between the entry deadline and the actual regatta date.

Adapted service offers

Our long-standing and trusted partner Filippi will be on site with a boat rental and accompanying service. This is a high-quality alternative for participating rowers to avoid a boat transport. In addition, we have negotiated special cancellation policies with three hotels in the area, which allow participants to book or cancel at short notice. The three hotels can be booked via www.muenchen-hotel.de/regatta.

“For a long time, it looked as if no regattas would be possible in 2020. We are all very happy that we have now found a way to offer the Masters community three exciting racing days at the Olympic Regatta Course in Munich-Oberschleissheim. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid that there will be an overlapping of regatta dates in this special autumn season in 2020”, says Oliver Bettzieche, President of Regatta München e.V. “Of course, there are still many unanswered questions, which we will clarify and communicate in the coming weeks. It is important to us that interested Masters can mark their calendars with the new date for the Euro Masters Regatta as soon as possible. Compared to the usual standard in Munich, there will certainly be some cutbacks and changes. After all, the safety and health of all those involved is a clear priority. And of course, we all need a good portion of optimism and flexibility.”

Attention: Regatta München explicitly reserves
the right to cancel the regatta if a resurgence of the pandemic endangers the
safety and health of participants, volunteers and partners or if an economical implementation
of the event is not possible. Therefore, we urgently request that hotels and
trips are always booked so that they can be cancelled at short notice. Regatta
München e.V. will under no circumstances cover any cancellation costs.

2020 Euro Masters Regatta in July is cancelled – Alternative dates in October 2020 under consideration

Dear athletes, coaches and friends of Regatta München and the Euro Masters Regatta,

It is with great regret that we hereby cancel the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta at the original date of 17 to 19 July 2020. The decision follows the guidelines of the German Federal Government together with the Free State of Bavaria of 15 and 16 April to prohibit major events until the end of August 2020. We also follow the recommendation of the German Rowing Association of 9 April 2020.

However, as an optimistic outlook for our Masters community, we would like to offer an alternative date so that rowers do not have to tick off the 2020 season completely. Therefore we are planning the Euro Masters Regatta again for October 2020. Due to the autumnal season, the races will be spread over four days to take account of the colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours. Of course, we will implement the Corona safety regulations for events that will be valid until then, which the responsible authorities will certainly continue to pronounce and adapt. We would also like to point out as a precaution that this regatta could be cancelled due to Corona developments in the next few months. We will announce the new October dates within the next two weeks.

We are now looking forward to October 2020 to being able to offer the international Masters community a good and fair competition by then.

Regatta München e.V.

Registration start for Euro Masters Regatta postponed to May

Dear Masters,

Rowing clubs around the globe are closed, training is only possible in isolation and the 2020 Olympics have been cancelled – the signs for exciting rowing competitions are not promising. We at Regatta München are constantly re-evaluating the situation caused by the corona virus. We’d love to offer you another great Euro Masters Regatta and are continuing the preparations in the background.

Unfortunately, there are still some major uncertainties, so that we have decided not to start the registration on April 6, 2020 as originally announced. Instead, we will open the MAX online registration system probably from May 1, 2020 at 9 am. The early bird registration phase will be shortened accordingly and will expire as usual on 15 May 2020.

We will continue to monitor developments so that we can make a final decision soon as to whether we can offer the Euro Masters Regatta in July as planned, move it to autumn or have to cancel it altogether for 2020. So check back on the website or our social media channels to keep up to date.

Stay healthy!

Due to coronavirus: International DRV Junior Regatta cancelled

Dear athletes, coaches and friends of Regatta München,

the decision has been made: With a heavy heart we have to cancel the International DRV Junior Regatta (May 9th-10th).

In the past few days we have tried everything possible to explore alternatives how we can still let the regatta take place despite the progressive spread of the coronavirus. Initially, events with more than 1,000 participants were officially prohibited until April 19, 2020 in Bavaria. Since yesterday evening, the German government has been urgently recommending that all non-essential events, even with less than 1,000 participants, be cancelled. This morning, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder ordered that events with a minimum of 100 people be cancelled. In addition, we have already received cancellations for the junior regatta from some federations. The circumstances and requirements as well as the feedback from our communication with local and state authorities have now convinced us to completely forgo the Junior Regatta. The decision was made in close consultation with the German Rowing Federation. We want to contribute to getting the coronavirus under control as quickly as possible.

For Regatta München, the safety and health of athletes, coaches, volunteers, spectators and all other persons involved in the organisation of our regattas are always our top priority. There is no reliable information about the further development of the pandemic, but at least at the moment the figures look dramatic. The cancellation is therefore currently the only way to provide optimal protection for everyone involved.

We hope that the situation will soon be defused and that all athletes will still have the chance to compete in a successful 2020 regatta season. Regatta Munich is on stand-by to run the remaining planned 2020 regattas as soon as the authorities give the green light. From today’s point of view, the events in June (South German Canoe Racing Championships) and July (Euro Masters Regatta with Bavarian Rowing Championships) are therefore not affected by the current developments.

Corona virus: International DRV Junior Regatta in Munich under reserve

Regatta yes or regatta no? The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 presents regatta organizers worldwide with difficult decisions. FISA announced on March 10th that the World Rowing Cups I and II in Sabaudia and Varese as well as the European Olympic and Paralympic Qualification Regatta in Varese and the Final Paralympic Qualification Regatta in Gavirate will be cancelled without replacement. Regatta München e.V. also puts the health and safety of athletes, coaches, helpers, spectators and all other persons involved in the organization of its regattas first.

In close consultation with the local and state authorities as well as the German Rowing Federation, Regatta München is observing the development of the pandemic and does not rule out the cancellation of the International DRV Junior Regatta (May 9 and 10). Regatta München therefore recommends all clubs and nations to plan their trips in such a way that cancellations are possible.

The State of Bavaria has followed the suggestion of Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn of Germany and has banned events with more than 1,000 people with immediate effect. For events with 500 to 1,000 persons, the Bavarian State Government recommends cancellation, in each case after consultation with the authorities. This measure is initially to remain in force until April 19, 2020 and will then be extended if necessary.

The number of participants at the Junior Regatta falls into the category above 1,000 persons. However, due to the later date of the event, there might be a chance that the event can be held.

“The current development of case numbers and the assessment of the politicians show that an improvement of the situation is not in sight. Therefore, the risk remains that we will have to cancel the regatta”, comments Oliver Bettzieche, Chairman of the Board of Regatta München e.V. “The safety of all participants is very important to us – all the same, we value the athletes’ wish to earn the results of their hard training. For us, this will not be an easy decision. However, the bottom line is that health will always come first.”

The Junior Regatta remains under observation. We expect a decision by the beginning of April. In addition to a complete cancellation, it is also conceivable to hold a regatta with minimized scale. Regatta München e.V. is in exchange with the DRV to explore all possibilities. Pending clarification, the online entry portal for the regatta will not open for the time being.

The decision about the execution of the regatta will be published here as soon as a final evaluation is possible.

The Euro Masters Regatta in July is currently not affected by the current developments and considerations and will go ahead as scheduled.

Breaking News: Starting 2020 – Munich welcomes you every year for Euro Masters Regatta

Good news for the Masters community: From 2020, Regatta Munich will host the Euro Masters Regatta every year at the Olympic regatta course in Munich. This will give all rowers aged 27 and older the chance to check their performance levels before the World Rowing Masters Regatta. In 2020, the Euro Masters will take place in Munich from July 17 to 19, followed by the World Rowing Masters Regatta in Linz from September, 2 to 6.

“The popularity of the Euro Masters Regatta is growing steadily. Of course, we are happy about the increasing demand and respond the Masters rowers’ request to compete regularly on the Olympic regatta course,” says Oliver Bettzieche, President of Regatta München e.V. “To us, it is important to not only offer a high-quality competition from an athlete’s perspective with fair conditions, but also to create a great atmosphere and a relaxed mood. It’s the mix that makes the difference.”

Originally, the Euro Masters Regatta took place every four years when the World Rowing Masters Regatta was held outside Europe. Munich was a centrally located alternative for Masters rowers who cannot or do not want to travel far. With the new annual rotation, Regatta München complements the Masters regatta season and offers a location determination before the most important Masters event of the year.