In Memoriam: Jutta Deuschl – 1973-2021

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints in our hearts and minds and we are never the same again. – Jared Leto 

Jutta Deuschl passed away on the morning of 19 January 2021 after a long illness at the age of 47. Regatta München e.V. and all members of the regatta team mourn the loss of their dedicated board member and a great sportswoman.

Rowing career

Jutta’s path as the daughter of the rowing enthusiast Schausten family led her directly into the rowing boat of the Mühlheimer Ruder-Gesellschaft in the 1980s. In the 1990s, she was successful at German championships, World Cups and World Championships. At the 1995 World Championships in Tampere, she won the bronze medal in the Lightweight Coxless Four. She also competed at the World Championships in 1996 and 1997, in 1997 in the Lightweight Pair with Cora Zillich.

Her friend Cora Zillich remembers the training time together with coach Stefan Piesik and Karin Stephan: “We didn’t eat much, but Kinder Chocolate, lots of fun, many countries, many successes but also many blisters and a lot of sweat and one or two disappointments were on board.” Their best race together, says Cora, “was perhaps the 1997 German Championships in Duisburg. As lightweights, we raced with the heavyweights and finished on the podium in the women’s double sculls. Every 250 m Jutta announced a spurt. I’m still sweating in my mind today. At the same time, it was one of my most intense and best races with Jutta.”

The two rowers have shared a lot: Laughter, crying, the focus on common goals as well as a deep friendship. “We stayed in touch – in and out of the boat.” Together, they continued to take part in international regattas such as the Head of the River in London after their time in the national team. The Lightweight Eights and the participations in Boston and Philadelphia were unforgettable for both, which gave rise to numerous rowing friendships around the globe.

But Jutta was not only successful on the water, but also on land. As Managing Director, she headed the Munich branch of the international PR agency LEWIS. She remained faithful to the sport of rowing on the water, first in the Münchner Rudergesellschaft 1972 and then in the Münchener Ruder-Club of 1880, and on land in an honorary capacity with the Olympia-Regattaverein München and until recently with Regatta München.

Board of Directors in the Regatta Association

Jutta’s board colleague Oliver Bettzieche remembers: “I met Jutta in 2007. Together we were involved in Jörg Reinhardt’s team at the World Rowing Championships in Oberschleissheim. At that time, we already formed what would later become the Board team for Regatta München. Subsequently, we could always be found together in the regatta office at the World Cups until 2012. Even then, we were united by the desire for a perfectly orchestrated implementation of the events.” Regatta München e.V. was newly established at the end of 2013/at the beginning of 2014. “At that time, I was looking for a ‘partner in crime’ to form the future Board of the regatta association,” explains Oliver. “Jutta was the only one who wanted to take this risk with a rookie like me in December 2013. After a short period of reflection, she agreed. It was to be seven great years together. We had an ambitious plan. After quite a few international and national regattas, including three Euro Masters Regattas alone, we were successfully bidding for two international World Rowing events in 2019. We were flying high in the regatta Olympus.”

Jutta Deuschl was the spokesperson, the linguistic soul of our regatta association and the guardian of our communication. But Jutta was much more than that. Jutta was our diplomatic, balancing component. Jutta has spent thousands of hours over the years working for regattas and the regatta centre in Munich, promoting our cause at home and abroad. She was internationally cherished in the Masters community as both a determined rower and a perfect and charming hostess of the Euro Masters Regatta. “While she spent months preparing the regatta with the team, she never neglected her rowing training. After all, she didn’t just want to organise a regatta, she also wanted to win races. Jutta was a real role model in that respect,” recalls Jörg Reinhardt, Vice-President of Regatta München.


“Her statement was intellectual, imbued with her personality,” Prof. Klaus Ulbrich, Honorary Chairman of the Bavarian Rowing Association and Honorary President in the OC of the European Rowing Junior Championships 2021, enthuses —and not without reason. “Through her commitment at the most diverse regattas, she has made a great contribution to youth work in our sport,” affirms Sebastian Haase from the board of the German Rowing Youth and member of the Munich regatta staff. “In her warm and open manner, Jutta contributed significantly to the fact that I immediately felt comfortable in the team and after the regatta I was eagerly looking forward to the next one,” recalls Luis Heiß of the regatta team. Magdalena Prantl, Jutta’s colleague in sponsoring, “would describe her as a realist who kept us in mind at the end of the day why we are doing this and what is most important. Her ‘hands-on’ mentality and pragmatism were perfectly complemented by her ease and openness.” Jutta was an integral part of the team. Lukas Abelt, Head of the Regatta Office: “Jutta was always friendly yet strong and always focused on her current goal.” She was omnipresent and was able to assert her ideas in a balancing but impressive way.

The fight against cancer

In the last four years, Jutta fought a tough battle against a powerful opponent at the same time — unnoticed by many and way beyond the sport. Often the cancer was ahead, but Jutta increased the stroke rate, caught up and won some races against the cancer. Jutta fought with the same determination as in competitive sports, the same strength and willpower, immense energy and admirable stamina. She never lost sight of the goal.

“Jutta fought courageously for her life. At the same time, she worked with all of us throughout 2020 to save our 2020 events, which were threatened by the Corona pandemic, and to prepare us for the 2021 European Rowing Junior Championships, simply admirable,” Oliver recalls. Everyone was keeping their fingers crossed for Jutta and hoping for the best. The forecast was good at times. But the races were increasingly unfair towards the end, with constant squalls and race extensions. Jutta was strong. Jutta was brave. Jutta had an incredible fighting spirit. As late as the beginning of December 2020, she gave an interview to Bavarian television at the regatta centre. Jutta was simply Jutta. And Jutta loved rowing.

“I let go, but I didn’t give up,” Jutta told her friend Cora shortly before her death.

Thank you, dear Jutta, for sharing so much with us. Thank you for leaving such a deep mark on so many hearts. We miss you.

“The legs were getting heavier and heavier, then a wind came and took her away!”

Our heartfelt condolences go to her husband Thomas, her entire family and all her friends.

2020 Euro Masters Regatta will not take place

Dear Masters rowers!

After a busy, sleepless night, we had to make a very sad decision: The 2020 Euro Masters Regatta will unfortunately not take place.

In June, we have been highly motivated not to let the Corona pandemic get the better of us and decided to offer Masters an opportunity to start in a high-quality regatta. By October, we hoped that the situation would be defused. But recently, regions and countries have again or for the first time been declared corona risk areas, from which we had firmly counted on participants.

After the registration deadline yesterday, it showed that there was particular interest in the regatta from within Germany. But apparently the corona risks and restrictions prevented the European neighbours from participating. Although entries were received from there as well, they were only sporadic and did not sum up to meet the aspiration of the Euro Masters Regatta as an international event.

In the past twelve hours, we have been calculating back and forth whether and how we could have filled a regatta program with the entries. As there were many single entries in crew events, many races would have had to been scratched. This in turn would have affected the time between races and would have prevented crews from double starts. Ensuing cancellations would have shrunk the field further. In short, this would not have been the kind of Euro Masters Regatta that we all hoped for.

Of course, in this special situation, we will fully refund the registration fees already paid. Please give us a few days to process these financial transactions.

We hope you will share this difficult decision with us. We would have loved to welcome you back to Munich! Make sure to note the date of the next Euro Masters Regatta: In 2021, the regatta takes place in beautiful Bled in Slovenia from June 17 – 20.

Until then, all the best, stay healthy and tuned with us!

The entire team of Regatta München e.V.

Euro Masters Regatta on tour

The 2021 Euro Masters Regatta will not take place in Munich: As the Olympic Regatta Center is about to be prepared for the European Championships, Regatta München e.V. moves the popular Masters event to Bled. The regatta will take place from June 17 to 20, 2021. The Masters-proven organization team in Slovenia will work closely with Regatta München and conjure up the well-known Euro Masters Regatta spirit on and around Lake Bled. Regatta München will be on site as host.

“Over the next 24 months, the City of Munich will prepare its sports facilities for the multi-sport event European Championships 2022. This includes the Olympic Regatta Center, the venue for the rowing and canoe sprint competitions. In 2021, preparations are pending, so we won’t be able to offer all the regattas as usual”, explains Oliver Bettzieche, President of Regatta München e.V. “That’s why we are going on tour with the Euro Masters Regatta. Despite the change of location, we will make sure that the Masters community will again experience the typical Euro Master Regatta they’ve come to expect. Therefore, we will work on site in Bled and offer the usual service around the regatta. This ranges from our registration portal over a well-organized boat rental to the Masters Party. We are very much looking forward to the new partnership.”

“We are very pleased to co-host the 2021 Euro Masters Regatta,” says Jernej Slivnik, co-Executive Director of Bled Rowing OC. “We share Regatta München’s passion for organizing attractive rowing events with fair racing, prompting this unique cooperation in the world of rowing. When two renowned regatta organizers join forces, the result will certainly be another unforgettable event for the Masters community on Lake Bled in 2021 and 2022.”

Bled previously hosted the 1986 and 1995 World Rowing Masters Regatta, adding the most successful one in 2017 with a record breaking 4,700 participants and over 900 races. Amazing landscape and fair rowing conditions contributed to the recent successful events – the 2011 World Rowing Championships and World Rowing Cups in 2010 and 2015.

In 2022, the Euro Masters Regatta will again take place in Bled from June 16 to 19, 2022. Further information about the announcement will be continuously published on the Regatta München website.

2020 Euro Masters Regatta: Entries made easy

The MAX registration portal for the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta has been open since Monday. Quite a few masters have already taken the chance to enter their boats for their preferred races. Due to the corona protection measures, some additional steps are necessary when making your entries this year. Hence, we have put together a few tips to guide you through the procedure.

Preparing your entries

  • Please start with reading our safety and hygiene instructions. It is a detailed document outlining under which conditions you are allowed to travel to Munich according to currently valid corona protection measures.
  • Please also check out the reviewed regatta information, including cancellation policies for entries.
  • A barcode is required to enter the regatta venue. The barcode will help manage the identity of participants and the number of people present at the venue. You will receive this barcode after filling out a health questionnaire and sending it back at least three days before the regatta starts. In order to send you this questionnaire, an individual e-mail address must be available for each participant. That means: When you register your crew, you have to have e-mail addresses for each crew member at hand and, if applicable, your coaches or drivers. Enter them into the system (click on the menu item COVID-19). Please note: Without the completed health questionnaire and the barcode issued by Regatta München, there is no access to the regatta venue.

Making entries

As before, making entries is an easy procedure using the MAX portal:

  • Search the system for rowers of your crew or create new data sets if a crew member is not in the system (this applies especially to rowers outside of Germany)
  • Click on the overview button to see the entry input screen.
  • By clicking on ‘Enter boats‘, you get to a screen to select events – either enter the race number or the event name
  • Enter crew members – either by searching for your club and selecting athletes from there or by entering the rowers‘ names directly
  • Save your boats
  • Repeat for further entries
  • Reserve rental boats from Filippi when making your entries for a particular event
  • Book further services by clicking on ‚Select additional services‘ and selecting parking tickets, for example
  • Finalise your entries by selecting a payment method and close the transaction

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2020 Euro Masters Regatta: Premium partner Filippi provides boat rental

The 2020 Euro Masters Regatta is shaping up: Regatta München e.V. has once again signed on Filippi as premium partner for an exclusive boat rental. At the venue, the German boat service provider Ruderwerkstatt will take care of the rental procedures. With Corona protection measures still in force, this offer could be particularly interesting for rowers travelling from afar: Masters crews can thus pass on bringing their own boats and reduce the logistics effort around the regatta. The 2020 Euro Masters Regatta will be held on the Olympic Regatta Course in Munich-Oberschleißheim from October 15 respectively 16 to 18, 2020, depending on the number of entries.  

“Because of Corona, the regatta season 2020 has literally fallen into the water. But now our preparations for the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta are in full swing. The exclusive boat rental by Filippi is an important element in our concept enabling us to offer our loyal Masters community an unforgettable event adapted to the new Corona reality”, says Oliver Bettzieche, President of Regatta München e.V. 

Regatta München is developing a hygiene concept reflecting the official Corona restraints. Depending on the evolving Corona situation, it will only be determined after the entry deadline, how the individual races will be distributed per race day, taking into consideration the appropriate clearance and time intervals. This makes booking rental boats more difficult, but Regatta München, Filippi and the Ruderwerkstatt are taking up the challenge: “We are pleased that we will be part of the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta as a premium partner again,” says Daniel Riechmann from Ruderwerkstatt Werner Kahl, responsible for the Filippi boat rental at the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta. “We will work closely with Regatta München on how to offer the best possible service to all rental boat customers right after the registration deadline.” 

From August 24 to September 2, 2020, 6pm CET, crews can register their races in singles, doubles and pairs, fours and quads as well as eights. Rental requests for boats should be submitted to Filippi via the official Regatta München registration portal ( Filippi charges 30 Euro per race and seat, for additional training sessions the same price applies. 

Details around registration and boat rental will be continuously updated online at Any questions regarding the boat rental can be directed to the Ruderwerkstatt team (in English or German, please) at: 

2020 Euro Masters Regatta: Frequently asked questions

The Euro Masters Regatta 2020 is a special one – in many ways: the first and probably only regatta of the year at the Olympic regatta course, due to Corona with completely new rules and at an unusual late late October. Naturally, the Masters community has many open questions, which we want to answer as good as possible. You will find Q&As on our social media handle and here on the website.

Current questions cover the following areas:

General timing

The German authorities announced on 17 June that the Corona-related ban on major events will be extended until 31 October. What does that mean for the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta?

The current ban for major events that was supposed to lift after 31 August included any event with over 1,000 participants. The new ban allows exceptions if the Corona-related hygiene rules can be complied to and possible infection chains can be traced. We will ensure our regatta concept will encompass this and and obtain official approval to run the regatta.

However, it is still possible that the event has to be cancelled due to a second wave or similar developments. But we remain as optimistic as before the new decision.

If it doesn’t work out in 2020, when is the next Euro Masters Regatta in Munich?

At the moment our plans are not yet finished, but we expect that Corona will soon be kept in  check and that the Euro Masters Regatta will take place normally and annually again.

Regatta execution

Will the regatta extend over three or four days? And which races happen on which day?

To cut a long story short: As of today, we can’t make a final decision re the overall regatta timing. We are facing three challenges with the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta happening later than usual this year and – obviously – Corona-related constraints:

  1. First, it’s difficult to estimate the number of participants.
  2. The days in October are much shorter than in July.
  3. We don’t know yet how much time is needed between races to comply with then effective Corona-related safety and hygiene standards

So the distribution of the races will be determined right after the registration deadline when the number of participants is set and we have more insights in required hygiene measures. Therefore, it is possible that the regatta will actually last four days if the number of participants is high. Otherwise it will probably be three days. Depending on the number of days, the distribution of the races will be worked on. However, the order of the races will not change.

We would love to race several times. But what happens if the regatta will be limited to three or two days and multiple starts won’t be possible all due the tight schedule? Will entry fees be refunded? Or will we get a credit note for next year’s regatta?

We assume there will be three or four regatta days, less we consider unlikely. If the regatta takes place over four days, all registered races must be paid for. If the regatta will only take place on three or even two days, you will have time after the registration deadline to cancel all races you won’t be able to race due to the tight schedule. These particular cancellations will be refunded on site or online if PayPal was chosen. But this only applies if the four race days are cut down to fewer days.

In the run-up to the event, there was talk of Trophy races and the abandonment of mixed races. In the new announcement, however, instead of Trophy races mixed races are listed. Has there been a final decision what kind of races will happen?

By popular demand, we have decided to list mixed races and will therefore not include Trophy races this year. At the moment, the races are not divided into days yet in order to remain flexible considering typical October days with less daylight.


Why is camping not an option this year?

Hygiene requirements do not allow camping this year. We also assume that the showers are not released for use. Besides, it is already quite cold at night in the middle of October. Therefore camping will not be an option. But caravans with their own showers are fine! We have also received questions about accommodation above the boathouses. These have not been available for some years and will not be offered again.

October 16-18, 2020: New date for 2020 Euro Masters Regatta fixed

After the wave of cancellations due to Corona, Regatta München e.V. sets an example and is working on having the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta take place nevertheless.

As you remember, the original date of the regatta was scheduled July 17 to 19, 2020. Since this period fell into the phase during which the German government officially prohibited any large event, we had to cancel the regatta with a heavy heart.

But here’s our good news for all Masters rowers: We found a new date for the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta. The Olympic Regatta Course will be home for the Masters community a good three months later than originally planned, from October 16 to 18, 2020. The clear prerequisite is that the official regulations around Corona allow such an event to take place at this time and that we can apply the then valid hygiene measures without endangering the health of participants, volunteers and partners.

New date, new schedule, new deadlines

The new
edition of the Euro Masters Regatta coincides with a period of shorter daylight
intervals and therefore requires the regatta program to be adjusted. We will
probably spread the MM/MW races over all three days and cancel mixed races. The
Munich Masters Single Trophy and the lightweight races will remain in the

The regatta committee of Regatta München will revise the original regatta information over the next two weeks. It will be available on June 1, 2020 at our website and the relevant portals. The intentionally short registration period runs from August 15 to September 2, 2020. At the registration deadline we will assess whether the regatta can be held, taking into account the current corona situation. All registrants will be informed the following day whether the regatta can take place as advertised, whether we can offer an alternative racing schedule for entry registration or whether we have to cancel the regatta. Regardless of this, it is also possible that we have to cancel the regatta due to official regulations at any time between the entry deadline and the actual regatta date.

Adapted service offers

Our long-standing and trusted partner Filippi will be on site with a boat rental and accompanying service. This is a high-quality alternative for participating rowers to avoid a boat transport. In addition, we have negotiated special cancellation policies with three hotels in the area, which allow participants to book or cancel at short notice. The three hotels can be booked via

“For a long time, it looked as if no regattas would be possible in 2020. We are all very happy that we have now found a way to offer the Masters community three exciting racing days at the Olympic Regatta Course in Munich-Oberschleissheim. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid that there will be an overlapping of regatta dates in this special autumn season in 2020”, says Oliver Bettzieche, President of Regatta München e.V. “Of course, there are still many unanswered questions, which we will clarify and communicate in the coming weeks. It is important to us that interested Masters can mark their calendars with the new date for the Euro Masters Regatta as soon as possible. Compared to the usual standard in Munich, there will certainly be some cutbacks and changes. After all, the safety and health of all those involved is a clear priority. And of course, we all need a good portion of optimism and flexibility.”

Attention: Regatta München explicitly reserves
the right to cancel the regatta if a resurgence of the pandemic endangers the
safety and health of participants, volunteers and partners or if an economical implementation
of the event is not possible. Therefore, we urgently request that hotels and
trips are always booked so that they can be cancelled at short notice. Regatta
München e.V. will under no circumstances cover any cancellation costs.