2020 Euro Masters Regatta: Entries made easy

The MAX registration portal for the 2020 Euro Masters Regatta has been open since Monday. Quite a few masters have already taken the chance to enter their boats for their preferred races. Due to the corona protection measures, some additional steps are necessary when making your entries this year. Hence, we have put together a few tips to guide you through the procedure.

Preparing your entries

  • Please start with reading our safety and hygiene instructions. It is a detailed document outlining under which conditions you are allowed to travel to Munich according to currently valid corona protection measures.
  • Please also check out the reviewed regatta information, including cancellation policies for entries.
  • A barcode is required to enter the regatta venue. The barcode will help manage the identity of participants and the number of people present at the venue. You will receive this barcode after filling out a health questionnaire and sending it back at least three days before the regatta starts. In order to send you this questionnaire, an individual e-mail address must be available for each participant. That means: When you register your crew, you have to have e-mail addresses for each crew member at hand and, if applicable, your coaches or drivers. Enter them into the system (click on the menu item COVID-19). Please note: Without the completed health questionnaire and the barcode issued by Regatta München, there is no access to the regatta venue.

Making entries

As before, making entries is an easy procedure using the MAX portal:

  • Search the system for rowers of your crew or create new data sets if a crew member is not in the system (this applies especially to rowers outside of Germany)
  • Click on the overview button to see the entry input screen.
  • By clicking on ‘Enter boats‘, you get to a screen to select events – either enter the race number or the event name
  • Enter crew members – either by searching for your club and selecting athletes from there or by entering the rowers‘ names directly
  • Save your boats
  • Repeat for further entries
  • Reserve rental boats from Filippi when making your entries for a particular event
  • Book further services by clicking on ‚Select additional services‘ and selecting parking tickets, for example
  • Finalise your entries by selecting a payment method and close the transaction

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