Welcome back for the 2018 Euro Masters Regatta in Munich!

The new edition of the one and only Euro Masters Regatta from the 26th to the 29th of July 2018. What’s in for you:

  • Exciting regatta atmosphere at the regatta course of the Olympic Summer Games of 1972
  • Perfect conditions for fair racing
  • More than pretzels & bratwurst: broad variety of food and beverages
  • Rental boats, photo service and great shopping in the exhibitors’ area
  • After the races on Saturday: the (in)famous Masters Party with live music

Regatta Information

The official regatta information includes the race schedule as well as general and special remarks defining the regatta. You can display and download it via the link below.

Schedules/List of Entries

The official timetables show you the exact start times for all races and events of our regatta. You can display and download the timetables using the link below, when available.

Regatta Information

You find live results here. Click on the button below to receive the complete final results.



via MAX, the Online Entry System

All entries, crew changes, scratches and late entries must be made via MAX, the online entry system. From April 1st, 2018 you can enter your boats and book additional services.


The organisation of the Euro Masters Regatta is divided into several functional areas.

HostRegatta München e.V.
Event directorOliver Bettzieche, MRM
Regatta directorsOliver Bettzieche, MRM
Stefan Kapeller, MRM
Vincent Reß
Regatta committeeOliver Bettzieche, MRM
Stefan Kapeller, MRM
Philip Schmolling
President of the juryPhilip Schmolling, MRM
Safety officerStefan Kapeller, MRM
Regatta doctorDr. Norbert Kapeller
Team coordinators
Boat areaDelphine Fürstenberger
Robert Gessendorfer
Information centerLukas Abelt
Christian Klütt
InfrastructureJohannes Fischer
Maike Mehringer, MRM
ITStephan Nürnberger
Media productionLuis Heiss, MRM
Leopold Strobl, MRM
R-IT-AVincent Reß
Victory ceremonyGabi Lammers
Karen Schindler
Public announcersArno Boes
Valerie Högerle
Julian Weiß
StartAnian Bader
Course supplyClaudia Yayehyirad
TransportElias Kraus
Volunteer ManagementPhilipp Dierken, MRM
Martin Schmidt
Water RescueN.N.

Essential information for participants

Race schedule

You can find the complete race schedule for all three days here.

FISA Rules of Racing

The races shall be rowed according the FISA Rules of Racing and related bye-laws.


A rower may compete if he/she attains the age of 27 in 2018.

The age categories as defined by FISA on February 7, 2018 in the Bye-Laws to Rule 32 will apply
as follows:

Age category Age category
A 27 years (MA) H 70 years (AA)
B 36 years (AA) I 75 years (AA)
C 43 years (AA) J 80 years (AA)
D 50 years (AA) K 83 years (AA)
E 55 years (AA) L 86 years (AA)
F 60 years (AA) M 89 years (AA)
G 65 years (AA)

MA – minimum age, AA – average age

Within an age category, a sorting by the year of birth is applied equivalent to the World Masters Regatta. The sorting by year of birth will be done at the draw considering all valid entries by the time of the draw. The sorting within an age category will be done backwards from the oldest to the youngest participant. Late entries that will come in after the draw will row in the heat with the youngest participants, not considering their year of birth. If scratches occur, the regatta committee reserves the right to depart from that rule.

You don’t look your age. Please make sure to bring an official ID document such as passport, ID card or driver’s licence with you to prove your age. At the Information Center, we will prepare an accreditation including a copy of your ID for you, so you can simply carry that accreditation.


General entry deadline is July 4, 2018, 6pm local time.

Entry deadline for the Mixed races is July 29, 2018, 4pm local time.
Entries for the Mixed races can be made online until that deadline.

Entries only by using MAX, the online entry system. MAX will be available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

Late entries are accepted via MAX until 7pm (local time) the day before the actual race. Entry fees in this case are doubled!

Crew changes, scratches and late entries have to be made via MAX, the online entry system.


As a maximum, only half of the rowers of a crew may be substituted. A substitute shall not be permitted if the age of the substituting rower would lower the average age of the crew by more than one year or change the age category of that crew.

Entry fees

+++ Early bird savings +++ Early bird savings +++ Early bird savings +++

Event Early registration April 01 to May 15, 2018 Registration May 16 to July 04, 2018
Single € 22 € 24
Pair/Double € 44 € 48
Quad € 88 € 96
Eight € 176 € 192

Early registration: At the early registration deadline on May 15, 2018 the amount for the early entries is due by bank transfer or online payment. Early entries that are not paid for by the deadline will be charged with the regular entry fees.

Regular entries: At the entry deadline on July 04, 2018 the total amount of the entry fees incl. possible additional fees (excluding the early registration fees already paid) are due by bank transfer or online payment. Please note that entries that are not paid at the entry deadline will not be automatically scratched, they remain valid entries.

Late entries: Entry fees for late entries can be paid by bank transfer or online payment or at the regatta office.


The coxswain’s weight is 55kg. A coxswain has to employ deadweight to compensate for an underweight condition to a maximum of 15kg. Coxswains will weigh-in once for the whole regatta one (1) hour before their first race at the latest.

A coxswain may be of either gender. Age categories do not apply to coxswains of Masters crews.


For weigh-in, please go to shed #22.

Official weigh-in times are:

Thursday: 12:30 to 5:54 pm
Friday: 6:15am bis 15:15 pm
Saturday: 7:30 am to 4:02 pm

Sunday weigh-in times will be published here depending on actual coxed mixed races.

Lightweight weigh-in two hours before the race.

Scales for inofficial weight check can be found at shed #22.

Traffic rules

The traffic rules can be found here.

Proof of age and accreditation

Each regatta participant must be able to proof his/her age by presentation of an official photo ID (passport, ID card, driver’s license). At the regatta office, you will be able to obtain an accreditation to avoid the necessity of carrying the photo ID. The age of the participants will be verified during the regatta. In addition, the identity can be verified at the victory ceremony.


All age groups race on the 1,000 meter course. Generally, races are started on six or seven lanes in three- or four-minute intervals.

Race divisions

When the number of entries in an event exceeds the number of available racing lanes, the event will be divided into two or more finals. If an event’s age category has one entry only, this crew shall start in the next lower age category.

Victory ceremony

The winner of each final receives a medal.  If we have to consolidate several age groups in one heat, the winner of each age group will be determined and awarded with a medal. The winner of the Munich Masters Trophy races receive a special award.


Members of the same crew shall compete wearing uniform clothing. The regulation regarding uniform clothing does not apply for mixed crews on Sunday.

Training times

Training at the course is possible during the following times:
Monday through Wednesday all day
Thursday until 12:30pm and 30 minutes after the last race until sunset
Friday through Sunday sunrise until 30 minutes before the first race and 30 minutes after the last race until sunset

There is a warm-up/cool-down zone located in boat shed #2 with 20 Concept2 indoor rowers and 5 bike ergs.


Please note that doping tests are also possible at Masters regattas. A required medication has to be attested together with the relevant diagnoses and the agents applied – insofar as they are not banned, but notifiable by anti-doping regulations – by the attending doctor. A copy of the attestation shall be deposited before the competition in a sealed envelope at the regatta office. The envelope will only be opened in the presence of the rower and shall be collected upon completion of the regatta.


Each competitor shall be responsible for his or her own health and fitness.

Team tents

Team tents can be placed along the course in designated areas after a permit has been obtained from the Information Center. The space will be assigned by the regatta management.

Boat rental

Information regarding boat rental is offered in a separate area on this page.

Munich Masters Trophy

All 1x races will have Munich Masters Trophy finals on the following day.

They will be assigned to the six or seven fastest participants of all heats of the relevant races. For these finals, the rowers can only qualify in their own age category. The assignment will take place two hours after the last heat of the relevant event. The assigned rowers will have four hours time after the end of the last heat of the relevant event to confirm their participation in the final race. If they do not confirm their participation, the next fastest rowers will be called.

If an event only consists of up to seven participants, the heat will be directly counted as the final race of the Munich Masters Trophy and the final on the next day will not happen. There is no entry fee for the final races of the Munich Masters Trophy. The victory ceremony will take place immediately after each race at the victory pontoon.

Rolf Oberschür Trophy

Starting 2018 and similar to the World Rowing Masters Club Trophy, Regatta München will award the best club teams with the newly created Rolf Oberschür Trophy. The point attribution follows the point system described below. The awards will be solely determined by the performance of the club’s crews as described in this paragraph. Composite crews and finals of the Munich Masters Trophy will not earn points towards the Club Trophies, but will otherwise continue to be fully eligible to compete for the regular medals as usual.

The following rules apply in order to determine club teams:

  1. A “club crew” is one in which all the rowers are members of the same club (not including the coxswain).
  2. A “club” is any organization recognized, and eligible to make entries in regattas conducted, by a national federation that is a member of FISA.
  3. An individual rower’s club affiliation that is verified by the rower and entered in the World Rowing Masters Database shall be binding until affirmatively changed by the rower. At the Euro Masters Regatta, a rower’s club affiliation shall be irrevocably determined as of the first race in which the rower competes and may not be changed until after the Regatta is concluded.

The Rolf Oberschür Trophy will be awarded to the club that has earned the most points in the respective events (men’s events and women’s events) during the regatta. All age and gender categories will be allocated points in the same manner. All club crews who finish the race will be awarded points, regardless of the number of crews racing in that heat. Points will be awarded according to the actual finishing position for each club’s crew depending upon the type of event and placement of the crew, according to the following table.

Point allocation table

1th 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
8+ 36 27 20 15 11 8 6
4x/4+/4- 27 20 15 11 8 6 4
2x/2- 20 15 11 8 6 4 3
1x 15 11 8 6 4 3 2

Visitor information

Admission is free for visitors.

Parking spaces are available behind the grandstand for 3 Euro/day.

Information on all racing can be found in the regatta office at the LZM on the right-hand side of the course (seen from the launching area). Signs lead the way there. We offer a printed version of Euro Masters Regatta programme for 4 Euro.

Around the regatta area there are numerous stands and shady seats with Bavarian food, Italian delicacies and hearty barbecue specialities. Hot and cold drinks, ice cream and cakes are also available.

Sightseeing – Munich and Upper Bavaria

Make the most of your rowing trip and discover Munich and the surrounding beautiful Bavarian pre-Alpine landscape!


Munich – tradition meets dynamics and creativity. It’s all in the mix!


It is the incomparable mixture of cosmopolitanism and tradition, of high-tech and down-to-earth, of innovation and charming serenity that makes Munich so attractive to tourists from all over the world. The Bavarian state capital with its 1.5 million inhabitants offers everything you would hope for from a perfect city trip: an extensive art and culture scene, unlimited sports and shopping opportunities, a lively bar and nightlife, a varied gastronomy and an excellent public transport network. At the same time, nature is just around the corner when you take a stroll through the English Garden, the Isar meadows, the parks of the castles or hop on a train to the near Alps and the Upper Bavarian lakes.

Munich enjoys an international reputation as an art and culture metropolis. Three top orchestras, major music festivals, outstanding opera and concert stages and an internationally renowned club scene stand for a wide range of music of all styles, from classical, jazz, rock and pop to the avant-garde. Munich offers over 50 museums and exhibition centres. A constantly growing world-class art area attracts art lovers from all over the world. In 2009, the Brandhorst Museum opened, which quickly developed into a magnet for the public and, with its renowned collection of modern art, complements the three Pinakotheken in a magnificent manner. The latest addition to the art area, the new house for the State Museum of Egyptian Art, opened its doors to visitors in June 2013. Since 2013 the Lenbachhaus presents itself to the public with its new extension building after its general renovation. The history and future of technology can be experienced up close in the Deutsches Museum, which has two branches in the city, the traffic centre on Theresienhöhe and the Schleißheim aircraft hangar in northern Munich. Anyone interested in automobiles and the successful combination of technology and design is heading for BMW Welt and the museum of the premium car manufacturer.


A deep insight into Munich’s history can be gained in the Munich City Museum with its permanent exhibition “Typical Munich”. A visit to the Wittelsbach Residence, the Wittelsbach City Palace, also provides information about the history of the residence city and the former Wittelsbach rule, which lasted more than 700 years. Even older is the neighbouring Alte Hof, the first seat of the Wittelsbacher, where the “Info Point” of the Bavarian Museums is located. A small multivision show in the museum introduces the history of the Wittelsbach dynasty. The world’s best-known member of the Bavarian royal family is undoubtedly the fairy-tale king Ludwig II, who was born in Nymphenburg Castle, the Wittelsbach summer residence in Munich.


Besides the rich culture of the city, the people of Munich love their sport. Whether tennis or ice hockey, swimming or rowing, marathons or cycling, golf or football – there are no limits to the enthusiasm for sport in the city during the 1972 Olympic Summer Games. Today, the Olympic Park and its stadiums are still used in many ways: for leisure sports, major sporting events, concerts, festivals or simply to relax in the greenery of the still spectacular tent roofs. With the Allianz Arena, Munich has one of the most modern and extraordinary stadium buildings in Europe. The outer skin and roofing of the stadium ring consist of thousands of diamond-shaped air cushions which glow in the club colours white and red at home matches of the FC Bayern München.

The top 10 sights in and around Munich

  •     Frauenkirche
  •     Marienplatz und Glockenspiel
  •     Viktualienmarkt
  •     Nymphenburger Schloss
  •     Schloss Schleißheim
  •     Münchener Residenz
  •     Olympiapark und das Erbe der XX. Olympischen Spiele 1972
  •     Die Pinakotheken
  •     Deutsches Museum
  •     Allianz Arena und die FC Bayern Erlebniswelt
  •     Hofbräuhaus
  •     Englischer Garten

Excursions to the region

  • The monasteries of Andechs, Ettal and Benediktbeuren
  • Neuschwanstein Castle and the Wieskirche
  • Linderhof Castle
  • Lake Chiemsee with Herrenchiemsee Castle and Fraueninsel Island
  • Lake Starnberg with the Rose Island
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the Zugspitz
  • Berchtesgaden and Lake Königssee with St. Bartholomä
  • The Blue Land, Murnau and the Staffelsee
  • Erdinger Therme

Transportation and access to the course

Public Transportation The course can be reached by public transportation on weekdays: Go to Oberschleißheim by S1 (train) or to Dachau by S2 Change to Bus 291 (towards Dachau Bahnhof resp. Oberschleiß...

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Premium partners and exhibitors

Our platinum partner 2018 is Filippi will be present with their boat rental services.   Our gold partner 2018 is Concept 2 will exhibit rowing, bike and ski ergs as well as oars. In addition, C...

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If you’re after pasta to refuel, a coffee to get the right level of alertness or if you want to treat yourself to a true Bavarian dish to celebrate a great race: We got you covered. Euro Masters...

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The following exhibitors and companies will be present at the 2018 Euro Masters Regatta: BBG Bootsmanufaktur Berlin Di-Bi Abbigliamento sportivo JLSPORT.DE New Wave Sportswear The list will be updat...

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Boat rental

Regatta München e.V. is pleased to offer you several boat rental options at Euro Masters Regatta 2018. In addition to Filippi as a premium partner, other boat rental companies have joined forces to co...

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Partners & Sponsors of the Euro Masters Regatta