A warm welcome to the International DRV Junior Regatta in Munich!

Since 1995, the International Junior Regatta of the German Rowing Federation takes place in Munich at the beginning of May. Every year, the event attracts an international crowd from many countries around the world.

  • frequently more than 1,000 participants from 15 countries
  • Junior teams from major European rowing federations
  • Participants from Asia, Africa and Latin America

This Munich regatta is the leading European high-performance regatta for Junior rowers. There is no better way to compare and evaluate the performance of your Junior rowers early in the season.

Regatta Programme

Please use the button to the right to open the official regatta programme.

Regatta Information

The official regatta information includes the race schedule as well as general and special remarks defining the regatta. You can display and download it via the link below.


The official timetables show you the exact start times for all races and events of our regatta. You can display and download the timetables using the link below, when available.


After the regatta has ended, we will post all results of the regatta here. If you want to check specific results, you can use our information system at the touchscreen displays at the information center.



via MAX, the Online Entry System

All entries, crew changes, scratches and late entries must be made via MAX, the online entry system. From April 1st, 2018 you can enter your boats and book additional services.


The organisation of the Euro Masters Regatta is divided into several functional areas.

HostDeutscher Ruderverband
OrganiserRegatta München e.V.
Event directorOliver Bettzieche, MRM
Regatta directorsOliver Bettzieche, MRM
Stefan Kapeller, MRM
Vincent Reß
Regatta committeeOliver Bettzieche, MRM
Stefan Kapeller, MRM
Philip Schmolling
President of the juryPhilip Schmolling
Safety officerStefan Kapeller, MRM
Regatta doctorDr. Norbert Kapeller
Team coordination
Boot areaDelphine Fürstenberger
Course supplyClaudia Yayehyirad
Information centerLukas Abelt
Christian Klütt
InfrastructureJohannes Fischer
Martin Schmidt, MRM
ITStephan Nürnberger
Media productionLuis Heiss, MRM
Photo finishCédric Strohmeier
Public announcersTanja Günder
Valerie Högerle
Julian Weiß
R-IT-AMarius Kleidl
Vincent Reß
StartAnian Bader
TransportElias Kraus
RescueThomas Böer, MRM
Victory ceremonyClaudia Schaale
Karen Schindler
VolunteersPhilipp Dierken
Christoph Widmann

Essential information for participants

Race schedule

You can find the complete race schedule for all days here.

For races marked with a *, paragraph RWR (German Rules of Racing) apply.

Heats Saturday., May 5, 2018 starting 7:30am and Sunday, May 6, 2018 starting 7:30am

Please note: Heats for Saturday’s races may be scheduled in Friday starting at 4.30pm, heats for Sunday’s races may be scheduled on Saturday.


For all races for age category B: The rules of racing (RWR) of the German Rowing Federation (DRV) apply. For all lightweight races age category A: The rules of racing (RWR) of the German Rowing Federation (DRV) apply for the weigh-in.


Eligible are all participants of the age categories U17 and U19 from Germany and international.

German rowers must be registered in the DRV athletes’ database and their physical fitness to row must be confirmed in order to start. The entry in the athletes’ database for a rower can also be requested at the regatta until 2 hours before his/her first start. A preliminary participation permission is granted in this case. In addition, the medical certificate using the official DRV form has to be presented at the regatta office.


Entry deadline is April 25, 2018, 6pm local time.

Entries only via MAX, the online entry portal. Late entries are accepted at the team managers’ meeting to fill heats. Fees are doubled.

Crew changes, withdrawals and late entries have to be made using MAX, the online entry portal.

Entry fees

Event German team International team
Single € 45 € 35
Pair/Double € 45 € 35
Quad € 60 € 40
Eight € 60 € 40

Entry fees for entries after the entry deadline are doubled.

The entry fees are due at the entry deadline on April 25, 2018. Please submit the entry fees to the account indicated below and include the reference number issued by the online entry system or pay online directly using direct debit. The entry fees are to be paid at the latest before the first start of the crew at the regatta office in cash or using a Maestro, Mastercard, VISA, or Amex card (card fee 3%).


Coxswains are not restricted by gender; men may cox women’s crews and vice versa.

Before the races

Information Center

The Information Center is located in the building next to the finish tower. Go through the glas entrance door and turn left.

Here, you can pay for your entry fees (cash and cards only). Please ask here for the current list of race results or for further information regarding the regatta course and public transportation.

The Regatta Office is open on Friday from 11:30am until 8:30pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from two hours before the first race until two hours after the last race.

Team managers’ meeting

  • Friday, May 4, 2018 at 2:30pm
  • Saturday, May 5, 2018 30 minutes after the last race


Lightweight rowers have to meet the requirements of paragraph 2.2.4 of the German Rules of Racing (RWR).
Scales are located in block B – hall 22 directly at the boat area. Please show your picture ID at the weigh-in. Test weigh-in is available on Friday, May 5, between 2pm and 8pm.


The race length is 2000 meters for JW/JM A and 1500 meters for JW/JM B. The races for the JWA and JMA can run on eight lanes, in general they run on six lanes. The time between the races is four minutes.

Preliminaries will take place as follows:
Saturday (or Friday) for the races 9 to 13 as well as 22, 23, 26 and 27
Sunday for the races 75 to 78

All other races will be divided into qualifying divisions one hour before the start. The Saturday races are regarded as qualification for the Sunday races, meaning that the divisions on Sunday are set by the jury according to Saturday’s standings. If the standings are equal, the time is considered. Participants who did not race on Saturday will be put in the last run on Sunday.

Victory ceremony

Except for the preliminaries, there will be an award ceremony after every race.

Juniors B Only the winners of each run will be honoured directly after their race at the winners’ pontoon. Due to the tight timing, the athletes will remain in their boats.

Juniors A For races without preliminaries, only the winners of each run will be honoured directly after their race at the winners’ pontoon. Due to the tight timing, the athletes will remain in their boats.

For races with preliminaries, places 1 to 3 of the races of the A finals will receive their medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze) on the winners’ rostrum.

Training times

Training at the course is available as follows:
Friday through Sunday sunrise until 30 minutes before the first race and 30 minutes after the last race until sunset

Team tents

Team tents can be placed along the course in designated areas after a permit has been obtained from the Information Center. The space will be assigned by the regatta management.


Starting Friday at lunchtime, we will provide meals at the regatta course. The meals for the participants need to be pre-ordered using the online entry system MAX.

Daytime Price Selection
Breakfast € 6 Rolls, breakfast buffet, one hot beverage, orange juice
Lunch € 11 Main course with side dish, dessert, 1 softdrink
Dinner € 9 Main course, 1 softdrink

Boat rental

There is no boat rental available.


Visitor Information

There is no entrance fee.

Further information will be available shortly.


Our very own Regatta Media Team offers a daily livestream, shown at the regatta course and via the web.


Hotel recommendations and Camping

Hotel recommendations Our hotel booking agent, the Münchner Hotel Verbund, has created a specific website for the reservation of hotel rooms. They recommend suitable and affordable hotels in the vicin...

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