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The Olympic Regatta Center Munich

Since the 1972 Olympic Games, the regatta course has become a well-known name in the rowing and canoeing world. The Olympic Games competition venue for rowers and canoeists is located six kilometres north of the Olympic Park, half on Munich soil, half on Oberschleissheim soil, in the Dachauer Moos and covers an area of 850,000 square metres.

Since 1972 national and international competitions have taken place frequently, from Bavarian championships to numerous world championships. In addition, the rowing and canoeing clubs of the Munich metropolitan region train here at the highest level.

Exactly 2.23 kilometres long, 140 metres wide and 3.50 metres deep, the track offers space for races up to a maximum of 2,000 metres on eight tracks and thus corresponds to the A1 classification of FISA, the World Rowing Federation. Important from an athlete’s point of view: Because the regatta center was built parallel to the main wind direction southwest/northeast, there are comparatively few waves and equal conditions for all lanes, even in strong winds.

In addition to rowing regattas, the facility is used for canoe sprint, canoe polo, swimming competitions, running events, cycling races, triathlon, company events and beach volleyball. The asphalt track around the course, where coaches and fans can accompany races by bike, is also a popular training area for inline skaters and road cyclists.

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Booking the Regatta Center

via the Leistungszentrum für Rudern und Kanu

The owner of the Olympic Regatta Center is the City of Munich. The facility is managed by the Leistungszentrum für Rudern und Kanu. If you are planning an event and would like to book the Regatta Center, please use the side button for further information.