Lightweight Races at the 2018 Euro Masters Regatta

Lightweight Races at the 2018 Euro Masters Regatta

After some discussions as well as many thoughts and due to popular demand, we are going to introduce lightweight races at the 2018 Euro Masters Regatta for the first time.

Please note that this is an evaluation for future regattas, and we will only offer lightweight races for 1x events and age categories A to F for women and A to G for men immediately following the relevant regular race in the race schedule. These are the specific races:

Men                 Women
205L MLM 1x A *     215L MLW 1x A *
306L MLM 1x B *     105L MLW 1x B *
211L MLM 1x C *     322L MLW 1x C *
327L MLM 1x D *     203L MLW 1x D *
220L MLM 1x E *     115L MLW 1x E *
333L MLM 1x F *     233L MLW 1x F *
111L MLM 1x G *

Sample: Race 203 MLW 1x D will take place on Friday and has 6 regular divisions. Race 203L MLW 1x Lightweight will immediately take place after the last of the 6 regular divisions and before race 204.

Rules for lightweight rowers

Please note the following rules which are applied to lightweight races following Rule 31 of the FISA Rules of Racing:

  1. A lightweight male single sculler may not weigh more than 72.5 kgs.
  2. A lightweight female single sculler may not weigh more than 59 kgs.
  3. The weighing scales should indicate the weight of the rower to 0.1 kg.
  4. Lightweight rowers shall be weighed wearing only their racing uniform on tested scales not less than one hour and not more than two hours before their first race of each lightweight event in which they are competing, each day of the competition.
  5. The Control Commission shall require presentation of each rower’s official identity card with photograph at the time of the first weighing of the rower and subsequently.
  6. A rower not meeting the required weight may be weighed again any number of times within the allowed time limit. However, if a rower fails to meet the required weight or does not present itself by the expiry of the time permitted for weighing, the rower is no longer eligible and shall be excluded from the event.

This means that you need to be weighed several times each day, if you decide to participate in multiple lightweight races in one day or on separate days.

This also means that you are not automatically entered for the regular non-lightweight race in case you do not meet the lightweight weight criteria and that you will be excluded from racing, if you were not weighed before the race.

Munich Masters Trophy

There will be no separate trophy races for lightweight rowers. Lightweight rowers, who row in the lightweight races, are considered for the relevant 1x event in their age category, if they belong to the six or seven fastest participants in that specific event and age category. Please note: There is no weigh-in for the Munich Masters Trophy races.

Entries in MAX

If you have entered your boat in MAX already in the regular race, you can either notify us and we will modify your entry in the system or you can cancel that entry and make a new entry for the relevant race marked with the “L”. All entries made before the early-bird deadline, either done for the regular or the lightweight races, will be considered for the early-bird discount, even if we change the race to lightweight afterwards, no worries.